Gone in 5 Seconds – Red Victor Film 2015


The next chapter in the Red Victor saga. Picking the story up after Andy Frost lost his title to American racer Larry Larson in Oct 2014.

What promises to be one of the greatest stories in Drag Racing history. In 2015/16 Larry Larson will no doubt be heading deeper into the fives (5 seconds in the quarter mile). Will anyone be able to compete? Our next film will be following the action as Larry Larson, Tom Bailey and Andy Frost (and maybe others?) all battle as they take it to the absolute limits of street legal car racing.

What we would like is your help to make this film happen. This story needs to capture what is possible in a once in a life time story. Filming will be over 2015/16.

About the film fund

Filmmaker Jay Davies started filming Red Victor in 2013 which resulted in a 50 min Documentary following the team as they reset their own record as the world’s fastest street legal car. The film is an in-depth look at the work that goes into breaking records and chasing dreams.

RV3-DVDIn March 2015 we set up and Indigogo crowd fund campaign to help raise funds to make our next film. Gone in 5 Seconds was a video promised to those people that donated to the film. We wanted to make a video that picked up from where we left of in our first film and thank all the supporters of the Facebook group Red Victor 5 second club, who without their support none of this would be happening.

We did not receive all the funds needed for filming, but enough to keep going for now.

However this has not deterred us, and the next film will be made, just how, what and when is going to be decided by a second crowd funding page coming soon.

Our plans for the next film have gotten much bigger. We are currently talking to producers and distributors with the hope to make full indie-documentary to be entered into film festivals around the world. We believe the story deserves to be captured and shown to the world.

Till now Jay Davies has made these films single handily and for the love of it. Our next film wants to have more of a crew and better cameras. As the titles on most films can have credits for hundreds of people, imagine what we can do with even a crew of 3.

The next crowd fund page will be setup once we have sorted out the early details and costed out the budgets etc.

We hope you will join us all on the journey of shooting for the stars. Any donations we receive now will help us with the development fund, and would be massively appreciated. Anyone who donates will get a credit on the film. Anyone who donates over £25 will get our soon to be made DVD with all out videos and exclusive footage that’s not to be missed and only available through this fund.

For those who don’t not have the resources to donate, just enjoy the films and even if we don’t raise enough funds, the next film will be made, by hook or by crook!